We are an international team with a wealth of selected experts from around the world. The official language of the company is English, but the office speaks Japanese, French, Spanish and Vietnamese. Our diverse members work on projects while supplementing their values, perspectives and ideas.

20% Rule

We have adopted a 20% rule that allows us to explore the possibilities of new businesses for free and openly. Using 20% of the working hours, each member tries and fails new ideas in areas of interest, fosters new businesses from sudden flash ideas like the idea, and respects the possibility of creating something from nothing.

Flat Organization
Flat Organization

Innovatech Studio has a flat organizational management system where there is no hierarchy of organizations or managers. We introduce a new-age team structure where each member thinks on their own and makes decisions on the spot. We will continue to aim at autonomous teamwork, teaming up with voluntary members and actively working on projects.

Jam Session

We hold an annual jam session as an important internal event. Of course it is important to use natural language used in daily conversations and businesses, and a programming language that gives instructions to a computer, but it emphasizes communication by music language that brings an energetic sense of unity that can not be shared by itself. The participation of business partners is also welcome, so please contact us.

Brainstorming with Beer

Team members gather at weekends etc. and perform brainstorming with beer in one hand. Communication in a relaxed atmosphere brings unconventional and innovative ideas that you can not think of in the office. In addition, this group aims to reduce the distance between members of various ages and roles.