Recruitment : Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Job Description

Research, design, develop and test robotic applications in the context of logistics automation.


  • Conduct research on robotic technology to create new robotic systems or system capabilities
  • Write algorithms or programming code for ad hoc robotic applications
  • Create back-ups of robot programs or parameters
  • Process or interpret signals or sensor data
  • Plan mobile robot paths and teach path plans to robots
  • Design software to control robotic systems for applications such as logistics or manufacturing
  • Debug robotics programs
  • Install, calibrate, operate or maintain robots
  • Integrate robotics with peripherals such as controllers or other equipment
  • Provide technical support for robotic systems
  • Analyze and evaluate robotic systems or prototypes
  • Supervise, technologists, technicians and other engineers
  • Review or approve designs, calculations and cost estimates
  • Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of robotic mechanisms, components or systems such as multiple mobile robots, reconfigurable robots or man-machine interactions
  • Design automated robotic systems to increase production volume or precision in high-throughput operations, such as automated ribonucleic acid (RNA) analysis or sorting, moving, or stacking production materials


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering (robotics, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, electronic or industrial)
  • Programming experience with C/C++, Python and Java
  • Knowledge of ROS and MoveIt!
  • Training in hydraulics/pneumatics, CAD/CAM systems, numerically controlled systems, microprocessors, integrated systems and logic
  • Up-to-date technical knowledge of new developments in this field
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically, Japanese a plus

Who we are

The name of the company is innovatech studio ( and we are a spin-off from Senko Group Holdings Co., Ltd. ( which is a Tokyo listed public company with 14K employees and sales of over $4B. We are a unique team of around 25 people whose mission is to develop and integrate emerging technologies including AI and Robotics into Senko’s core business which is logistics, but we also have outside development businesses and services.

What we do

These are our core businesses:

  1. Provide R&D solutions, including developing and integrating emerging technologies into existing internal business.
  2. Provide total solutions to consumer mobile and web application services, from research, design, development, maintenance to promotion.
  3. Provide solutions to create new businesses within a corporation.

Our culture

We are an incredibly multi-cultural team where there are people from all around the world.  Though most of the communication with the customer are in Japanese, internal documents and communication are in English. We do not have managers in a conventional company structure but as a role in each project. We also have a specific cultural goal as below with distinct requirement to match them.

  1. Challenge

We need someone who challenges something a little more than what they are capable.  Someone who speaks up for new ideas and lead the way to change or create them.

  1. Integrity

We need honest and trustworthy people who respect people around them in and out of office, treating others the way you want to be treated.

  1. Leadership

We need someone who offer your seat in subway to someone in need, first one to speak up when something is wrong, acting to solve the problem rather than complain.

  1. Enjoy

We need someone who knows how to enjoy life. We have a rule where we do not tolerate grumpiness in our office.

  1. Open

We share information and having full information leads to right decisions.